Updated BikeTrailerShop.com – Extrawheel Options!

Extrawheel’s primary US online retailer, Bike Trailer Shop has just upgraded the website, offering an improved shopping experience.

The site offers some great new shopping features such as easy-to-configure options on all bike cargo trailers and a great range of accessory options.  For example, with the Extrawheel Voyager, it is simple to choose the correct Extrawheel quick release, Extrawheel fork and to select the option to include of leave out a front wheel to use with it.  The accessory options for the Voyager include both extra parts and a wide range of panniers that fit nicely on the Voyager from Bike Bag Shop including Ortlieb Panniers and Vaude Panniers.

Another new feature of the Bike Trailer Shop, are the advanced shipping features.  The shopping cart is now has a shipping calculator that displays shipping options for almost anywhere on the planet.  We offer USPS and FedEx shipping options though in some instances some of these services are not applicable.  For countries that are within the 79″ but not the 108″ USPS girth limitation, we strongly recommend ordering the Extrawheel Voyager without the  wheel as this greatly reduces the shipping costs in these circumstances.

On another note about the Extrawheel Voyager, we’ve recently lowered the price from $369 (including wheel) to $259 (including wheel).  If you purchase without the wheel it is only $209.  We’ve also been able to lower the price of the Extrawheel Advert trailer from $449 to $299!  Here is some inspiration for bicycle advertising opportunities at UtilityCycling.org.

The new Bike Trailer Shop is now a part of the Bike Shop Hub network of 3 niche cycling shops.  Joining Bike Bag Shop is the new Bike Kid Shop.  Continuing the tradition of hyper-focus on specialty niches in the cycling world, Bike Kid Shop offers the best in the realm of child specific bike gear.  Our goal with Bike Kid Shop is to offer quality equipment for bringing kids on cycling adventures, get kids excited about cycling and helping teach kids to learn to bike safely.  Bike Kid Shop’s full range of products will include bike child trailers, bike child seats, balance bikes, children’s helmet, children’s bike accessories and children bike riding learning devises.

At the moment, as Bike Kid Shop is just getting underway, we only have bike child trailers offered, however this is very thorough and the widest selection available online.  We’ve got a great lineup of products by Burley Trailers, Chariot Trailers and Croozer Trailers.  Within the Burley Trailer lineup, we currently have a great closeout on the Burley Solo ST for only $319 (originally $549).  Also have a look at Burley’s 2010 lineup with new models of the Burley Bee, Burley Solo, Burley Encore and Burley d’Lite.  Chariot Carriers, continues to offer an incredible lineup of multi-use carriers.  Bike Kid Shop offers the complete lineup of Chariot Carriers accessories, kits and parts for all of their trailers.  Have a look at the Chariot CX 2, Chariot Cougar 2 and Chariot Cheetah 2 for some examples of Chariot’s amazing multi-use (bike, stroll, jog, ski, hike) carriers.

Finally, to wrap up, I wanted to mention that our blog, Bike Trailer Blog is now focused on publishing out user-submitted photos, videos and stories.  If you have any inspiring content of your Extrawheel trailer that you’d like to see published, please submit them at Bike Trailer Blog’s bike trailer photo submission page.


Extrawheel Voyager on Sale for $259

We’re running a great discount on the Extrawheel Voyager through the end of the year.

This is a great opportunity to get yourself moving with a great bike cargo trailer.
Only available at the Bike Trailer Shop for $259 through Free Shipping

New Staff at Extrawheel USA

Our staff here at Extrawheel USA has been growing strongly.  Extrawheel USA is part of the Bike Trailer Shop were we’ve recently brought on several new employees.

Melanie Street is our new shipping queen packing boxes with amazing efficiency to zip all of your products to your porch with the help of the trusty FedEx and USPS teams.

Herman Sims is pounding away on the keyboard for us, manipulation the servers, codes, languanges, scripts and all of those other things that most of us can only half grasp to serve up our website in bold, crisp, well-organized layouts.

In seeking out these two members to our team I reached out to the community of bike bloggers I try to stay in touch with.  I wanted to send a shout back to them for posting about our employee search.  So thanks to the following bloggers: Commute by Bike, Bike Hacks, How To Fix Bikes. Drunk Cyclist, HandleBar Sandwich, Cascade Couriers, Melanie Meyers, Womens Bike Talk, David Hembrow, Cyclelicio.us, Family On Bikes, Bike Blog NYC and Tucson Bike Lawyer.

Extrawheel Advert Trailer

extrawheel-advert-trailer-with-german-advertisement1Announcing the arrival of the Extrawheel Advert Trailer!  We are introducing this trailer into the US Market for eco-friendly, cost-effective advertising.

This is a perfect way to advertise your business, events and more.  We are using one ourselves and I’ll get some pictures of it up here soon.

To celebrate the arrival of the Advert Trailer, it is on sale through May 24th.

Extrawheel Dry Bag Clearance

extrawheel_bagsWith the Extrawheel Voyager, replacing the Extrawheel Classic, we’ve got a bunch of extra Extrawheel Dry Bags that we are clearing out.  There are two sizes of these great all-purpose dry bags, a 40 liter on sale for $23.99 a and 60 liter on sale for $30.99.  Check out the Extrawheel Dry Bag Clearance.

Whether you need dry bags for boating, biking, camping or any other outdoor adventures, these bags are a great hi-quality solution at a very reasonable price.  These dry bags were manufactured for Extrawheel by Crosso Panniers of Poland.  Get them while supplies last…

Extrawheel vs BOB Sale at BikeTrailerShop.com

Just a quick post to mention the Extrawheel vs BOB Sale going on a Bike Trailer Shop.

Bike Trailer Shop is offering the Extrawheel Voyager for $299 with a free Wandertec mLite – bike trailer flag light.
They are using this sale to contrast the differences between the BOB Trailer and the Voyager.

Have a look at the blog post at Bike Trailer Blog comparing the Extrawheel Voyager and BOB Trailer.
Also, take a look at FamilyOnABike’s comparison of the Extrawheel Classic trailer to a BOB Yak.

Extrawheel Voyager Assembly

We recently received the new Extrawheel Voyager into stock at the Bike Trailer Shop.  Extrawheel had not yet published the instruction manual for assembling the Voyager.   While they had included the Extrawheel Classic’s instruction manual, we decided that we needed to put together something for our customer.

Robin posted a great assembly manual for the Extrawheel Voyager.

Have a look at Robin’s Step-by-Step Extrawheel Voyager.