Another bicycle trailer blog?

I should think not! OK, I only know of one other bicycle trailer blog, and it’s a fine one, and Josh posts to it regularly. This blog will chronicle my business of importing the fabulous Extrawheel trailer from Poland to the USA. So far, I am getting real close. I have a shipment of trailers ordered, and they should be leaving Poland any day (still waiting for the waybill), arriving in Portland, Oregon by the end of the month. My customs papers are in order, and I have the duty numbers, so they just need to get here.

I have had 4 demo trailers running around Portland for a while now. My demo trailer has proven to be one tough little sucker. I have taken it Mt. Biking, and have been using it to commute to work. I also have been using it for training behind my road bike. Loaded with about 15 pounds, there is just enough resistance for tempo workouts, making it easy to keep your heart rate in a certain zone regardless of the undulations in the road. Who knew the trailer would be so versatile! I also took the trailer to the Bacchetta Bicycles recumbent bike rally in St. Petersburg, Florida March 2007. Photos of that event can be found here.

I am also working on the Extrawheel usa site and online store, partnering with ODI Technologies for the development of the site. This will hopefully coincide with the trailer arrival, but even if it doesn’t, trailers will still be available for sale when they arrive. I have a list going, so if you would like to purchase one, please email me at and leave detailed contact information. You can certainly call 503-210-5440 as well, but email is usually faster as I am between the shop and ODI Tech most days.

More as things progress.



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