The New Extrawheel Voyager is Here!



We just got our first shipment of the new Extrawheel Voyagers in stock.  They are listed and available for sale at the Bike Trailer Shop.  We are offering the Voyager with or without a wheel so you can mount the front wheel of your choice if you’d like.  We also have Extrawheel’s new Expert Panniers and Dry Panniers available as well.

We are very excited about this new version of the Extrawheel trailer.  It takes the best aspects of the original design, the lightwieght, minimilast design that performs incredibly well both on and off road, and adds the ability to use your panniers of choice.  By having a variety of panniers, this trailer truly becomes a multi-mode trailer.  With large-volume, waterproof panniers, the Extrawheel greatly increases your load capacity for touring.  With shopping bag and commuter friendly panniers, the Extrawheel, becomes the perfect around town go getter.


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