New Staff at Extrawheel USA

Our staff here at Extrawheel USA has been growing strongly.  Extrawheel USA is part of the Bike Trailer Shop were we’ve recently brought on several new employees.

Melanie Street is our new shipping queen packing boxes with amazing efficiency to zip all of your products to your porch with the help of the trusty FedEx and USPS teams.

Herman Sims is pounding away on the keyboard for us, manipulation the servers, codes, languanges, scripts and all of those other things that most of us can only half grasp to serve up our website in bold, crisp, well-organized layouts.

In seeking out these two members to our team I reached out to the community of bike bloggers I try to stay in touch with.  I wanted to send a shout back to them for posting about our employee search.  So thanks to the following bloggers: Commute by Bike, Bike Hacks, How To Fix Bikes. Drunk Cyclist, HandleBar Sandwich, Cascade Couriers, Melanie Meyers, Womens Bike Talk, David Hembrow,, Family On Bikes, Bike Blog NYC and Tucson Bike Lawyer.


3 responses to “New Staff at Extrawheel USA

  1. Howdy back at ya! Hope you had a good holiday weekend.

  2. Glad to hear you found who you were looking for!

  3. For the better result of the company should have skilled employees it’s worth paying them


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