Extrawheel USA is the official North American distributor of Extrawheel Trailers and Accessories. The site is owned and operated by Wandertec Inc.


Wandertec Inc.

Wandertec Cycling AccessoriesJosh Lipton founded Wandertec in 2004 in Flagstaff, Arizona. Our first product was the CELLO bike case/travel system for BOB trailers, which Josh manufactured in his garage. Launching the Bike Trailer Shop in 2006 led to Wandertec to really taking off. With its growth, Wandertec needed to expand beyond the garage. We’re still on Josh’s property, but now inside a 1,200 sq. ft. shop behind the house. However, it looks like we’re going to need even more space in 2009, and are looking at moving to some commercial space by the end of the year.


Our Shops

From the beginning we knew we didn’t want to up just another web site with a random assortment of bike products. We decided we would build sites that each provided the most in-depth information and product selection on a very specific niche of cycling. This has resulted in sites that are focal points for online customers looking for the best selection, availability, prices, knowledge, and support available. The Bike Shop Hub network of speciatly bike sites have so far focused on bike cargo trailers (The Bike Trailer Shop), bike bags and racks (The Bike Bag Shop), and our newest shop for kids offering child trailers, kids’ bikes, kids’ helmets, and more (The Bike Kid Shop).

Bike Trailer Shop

This is your one stop for everything related to bike cargo trailers. We carry BOB Trailers, Burley Trailers, Xtracycle, Extrawheel, Croozer Trailers, Radical Designs, Quick Pack, and Paddleboy. And we don’t just carry the trailers…we also stock parts and accessories for them. We are the place to go with any question about bike cargo trailers.

Bike Bag Shop

Nowhere can you find a larger variety of bike bags and bike racks. We have the largest selection of types of bags for bikes: panniers, saddle bags, trunk bags, and handlebar bags. You’ll need something to hand that bag on…we have the largest selection of racks anywhere.

We’ve started the shop carrying bags from Ortlieb and Arkel and racks by Old Man Mountain and Tubus. However, we are planning to add many others throughout this coming year.

We leave nothing to chance regarding your selection of bicycle bags and bicycle racks. All the information you’ll ever need can be found on our Bike Bag and Rack Comparison Chart, Bike Rack FAQs, and Bike Bag FAQs. These help you sort out the many potential issues when putting racks on your bike. However, if you still have a question, we are always here to help you sort out what cycling rack and rack mounting accessories will get you rolling down the road.

Bike Kid Shop

Our newest specialty bicycling website, is Bike Kid Shop. Bike Kid Shop focuses on all things for getting your children involved in cycling. We are working towards offer a comprehensive offering of bike child carriers such as bike child trailers, child seats, trailer cycles and bike child seats. In addition our product lineup will offer child specific bike clothing and helmets. We look forward to offering childrens trainer bikes and other training aids as well as children’s bikes.

Our Bicycling Community Sites

Cyclists are among the most rabid users of the Internet. Keeping up on news related to the cycling community and bike-related activities is important to them, no matter what type of cycling they do. We try to contribute to the cycling information world by writing several blogs: UtilityCycling.org, Bike Trailer Blog, Womens Bike Talk, Wandertec Blog, and now the ExtrawheelUSA Blog. We hope to provide useful information on the topics we know a great deal about. We’ve also launched Spoke and Word, an online bike community where bikers can submit and vote on their favorite bike blog posts. The site has quickly become a powerful source of “all things bike” information.

Spoke And Word

Spoke and Word is an exciting bike news community that allows cyclists to post interesting bike-related blog posts, stories and websites for others to view and vote on. Spoke and Word Bike NewsIt s a great resource for sorting through the myriad of information available. If you have a blog or a bike-related site, it’s a great way to get it in front of some like-minded readers.


Utility Cycling

Our newest blog, UtilityCycling.org is dedicated to exploring all the methods for using bicycles beyond recreation. Using bikes to preform tasks is a rapidly growing niche in the cycling world and we intend to help define and organize information to help everyone interested in this fascinating and important world.

Bike Trailer Blog

The Bike Trailer Blog was borne of the hundreds and hundreds of questions we get asked at the Bike Trailer Shop. Our goal was to provide our customers and anyone interested in cargo trailers with the most complete expert information available. We strive to write blog posts that discuss everything from how to repair your trailer, to daily bike trailer use, to the tiny detailed questions we so often are asked.Bike Trailer Blog Banner

Womens Bike Talk

Womens Bike Talk is our blog by women cyclists for women cyclists. Womens Bike Talk is written by a team of pro women’s cyclist. These ladies share thier perspective’s on racing, riding and more.

Wandertec Blog

The Wandertec Blog is our way of keeping you updated on new products we come in contact with. It also lets you follow the progress of our shops and soak up the wide, wide world of Wandertec.

Extrawheel Blog

We are proud to be the U.S. distributor for the amazing, made-in-Poland Extrawheel trailer. This led us to the decision to start the Extrawheel Blog in order to provide information on all the many benefits and uses of this ingenious, versatile, lightweight trailer.


2 responses to “About

  1. My question is : is there a “conversion kit ” which will allow me to use the wheel of the extrawheel ( which is a front wheel with 100mm hub spacing ) as an ” emergency single speed ” rear wheel ?

    I mean , is there a ” spacing kit ” which I can add to the 100mm front hub and make it a 135mm spacing with a sprocket ?



  2. There is an excellent solution available through Level Components:

    These hubs allow you to use attachments to turn a front hub into a rear single speed hub.

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