The New Extrawheel Voyager is Here!



We just got our first shipment of the new Extrawheel Voyagers in stock.  They are listed and available for sale at the Bike Trailer Shop.  We are offering the Voyager with or without a wheel so you can mount the front wheel of your choice if you’d like.  We also have Extrawheel’s new Expert Panniers and Dry Panniers available as well.

We are very excited about this new version of the Extrawheel trailer.  It takes the best aspects of the original design, the lightwieght, minimilast design that performs incredibly well both on and off road, and adds the ability to use your panniers of choice.  By having a variety of panniers, this trailer truly becomes a multi-mode trailer.  With large-volume, waterproof panniers, the Extrawheel greatly increases your load capacity for touring.  With shopping bag and commuter friendly panniers, the Extrawheel, becomes the perfect around town go getter.


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voyager_expert21After a pause It is time to reinvigorate the ExtrawheelUSA blog.  Our webstore Bike Trailer Shop has taken over US distribution of Extrawheel trailers.  We greatly appreciate everything that John Climaldi did in getting Extrawheels into the US.

The new Extrawheel Voyager will be available by the start of 2009 at the Bike Trailer Shop.  We are also planning on offering the Extrawheel advertising trailers sometime in the spring.

The new Extrawheel Voyager is a great new design that allows the use of 26″ or 700c front wheels and carries a set of panniers.  We will be offering the Extrawheel panniers as well as a great variety of other panniers at our new partner shop, Bike Bag Shop.

Great Review of the Extrawheel

BikeRadar has an excellent review of the Extrawheel giving it a final score of 4 stars out of 5:

Running a bigger wheel offers the Extrawheel several advantages. The trailer rolls up and down kerbs and uneven terrain rather than hooking up on to it, so there’s less pulsing when you’re riding. With bags packed to either side, the trailer is wider but the wheelbase between the rear wheel and the trailer wheel is far closer, so the turning circle is a lot tighter.

The other big advantage is that you’re effectively carrying a spare tyre, rim and hub. If these are needed on your bike, your damaged wheel will do for the trailer until you source a replacement. On an expedition tour, I’d run the same hub and spokes for compatibility.

But it’s in its performance that the Extrawheel really impressed. Being considerably shorter than a Yak, it acts as less of a lever on the bike, with much less tendency to try to steer and twist you from behind, particularly when the going gets rough. The larger tyre volume also doubles as a dampener once you get the air pressure right. Hit a speed bump, and the trailer does a single jump, then settles itself down.

Check out the full review here.  US shoppers can purchase trailers and accessories at the Bike Trailer Shop Extrawheel store.

Win an Extrawheel trailer!!!

You heard me right, and Extrawheel bicycle trailer can be yours free of charge! Practical Pedal Magazine is giving away one of our trailers in there first photo contest. Rules of the contest can be found on their site here. Get you best shots ready, you could be the winner! If you haven’t subscribed, you should. It’s completely free!

Great review of the Extrawheel at Rolling Resistance blog

Of course we know the extrawheel trailer is a stellar performer, but here is a nice write up of the trailer in action on a 400 mile tour of Vermont.

Extrawheel in Practical Pedal magazine

The premere issue of Practical Pedal magazine has an article on on bicycle trailers and a nice mini- review the Extrawheel trailer. I sent the editor of the zine a trailer for testing, and the trailer will be given away as a prize in the next upcoming issue! Stay tuned for the details. Practical Pedal magazine here, and the article is here.

pp logo

More items added to web store

That’s right trailer fans! More items have been added to the shop at Extrawheel usa. A really cool accessory mount from the good folks at Terracycle that will allow you to mount a head light, tail light, or cycle computer just about anywhere. Have a folding bike? Mount a head light on the stem! Doing a brevet? Mount two lights on you fork!

bike friday mast light mount

fork mount

Another addition is the panniers from Axiom. Waterproof and tough. If you want to travel without your Extrawheel trailer (we can’t imagine why) and need to carry stuff, these panniers are the best.

axiom typhoon